Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Visiting MDeC

This morning,I with my classmates pegi visit MDeC(Multimedia Development Corporation) at Cyberjaya. Came along with Mr.Shahrul, lab instructor for Virtual Reality class. Mr.Azmi,our lecturer tak dapat join sebab patah tangan.Isk3..pity him.

So we all diberi penerangan tentang Virtual Reality and showed some demos of VR. Quiet interesting la and everyone of us very excited to know more about VR. It's really gave negative effects to all of us which me and some friends got headache. Using some devices yg ada, all of us dapat merasai suasana like we were at other places. Pening..pening..mmg pening. Then we also dibawa ke server room where there were stated SGI,clusters and 16 CPUs to render 3D animation. Server room ni sejuk giler..hehe..

But we still have fun sambil took some pictures at there. Finally, thanks so much to MDeC's staffs!

: : kat MDEC la ni : :

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