Monday, August 20, 2007

Need to feel calm down

Macam2 hapenned to me since last Friday. Problem tu, problem ni. Pening kepala tak usah cakapla, rasa macam nak pecah.

But i'm not going to tell to anyone even to my parents. Prefer to save it deeply into my heart and also my brain.

Frustrated! I need someone to make me feel calm, but not even someone know about my feeling.

I need to be independence, try to slow talk with myself. Motivate my soul. Take some fresh air to breathe and so on. Also need some good sleep and rest. I'm so tired..

:: Just my feeling not really well ::



Mask-roll said...

nape ni syg??? jgn tensen2...rilek k.....hati je x tng tu....:p. dont think about that problem so much.... make ur life wuteva thing that u can long as it can make u bz.... da same thing i've done...if i've got a prob..... i know ur love 1 is far from u...but dont forget that im always right here....ready 4 my frens...who need me.... tk cr bud!!! luv ya!

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