Monday, January 21, 2008

i'm happy

What should i write on today's post?actually there's nothing much to for now, im really thanks to Allah because i have the opportunity to work after finish my degree. Alhamdulillah. i also have my own KWSP account now :). other than that, i try to control my budgets. Know what, since i start working i learn something new-how to manage my money make by my own. ya lah,during money still can ask my parents, but now? 'sendiri mau igtla kan'..hehe.

I only hope that i can do the best for this first job. Not bad. As a designer- that was wrote on my offer letter, i was given a job to monitor the company's website and the systems that they provide. sometimes, still can have enjoy time and experiences..i mean during book launching or book fair.

Much better than other peoples, who still looking for their jobs outsides there. im happy with my job with good environment and nice officemates. but im still in the middle of probation period. hopefully, i can make it perfectly till the end, insyaAllah.

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