Friday, July 11, 2008

Just 'termenung'

Nothing to say..just to post my pic yg sedang thinking or termenung actually? not so sure, but obviously, people will say that im termenung of something. long as im happy!

This picture was candid by Kak Mol during our last time miting of 'kesan kenaikan harga minyak'.

What im going to do this wiken? May be just staying at home while layan baby2 Kak Nor. Im not seeing my hubby because insyaAllah he'll be here next week. And I hope this Monday I will receive some good news, somethingla that relate to me..hopefully!

Wish a happy birthday to my lil bro, Amin. His birthday was yesterday actually, 10th July. Hope that he always succes in his study n his future life. InsyaAllah.

my bro, Amin

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